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Previous Entry cru "where is the love?" review Feb. 4th, 2005 @ 03:13 pm Next Entry
here's a quick review of how horrible this thing was:

We walked in and found our seats, and everyone else is being really happy and taking pictures and generally being annoying. Finally these people come out and play really lame songs with lyrics that repeated themselves over and over while everyone claps and sings along (as the lyrics were displayed on the projector screen above the band). Then the leaders(?) of CRU came out and talked about shit that was really boring and made terrible, terrible jokes. Eventually they got to the game section where people came up and did really bad karaoke to love-based songs (celine dion, the darkness, etc.) Everyone thought it was hilarious which makes me wonder if christians find stupidity that amusing. It was chuckle-worthy, but certainly not side-splittingly entertaining.

Then there were a couple things about their spring break (including a bad "interview" video with a bunch of people who seemed like mindless drones who somehow found god) and summer trip. Finally, after all this stupid crap which hardly mentioned their god, the speaker comes out and talks about "where is the love."

After a few introductory sentences about what she was going to do and how people are quick to judge (holy fuck! how profound is that! /sarcasm) she says (paraphrased): "Now, my talk isn't going to make a lot of sense or seem to have a point, unless, just for tonight, you accept this [holds up copy of the bible] as the authority." Now, fucking COME ON. Does she really think that the room was a bunch of atheists? If so, I can understand that statement, but since CRU usually draws a bunch of x-tians anyway, of course they're going to accept the goddamn bible! So saying that was basically just a ploy to get people to be happy and think "yeah...the bible is the word of god..of course it's the authority!"

Here's where the thing falls apart though. She openly admitted that the entire crux of her argument (which basically amounted to quoting the bible and using ancient greek definitions of love) rests on the fact that the bible is universally true. If you saw the handouts Joe_500 made, there's a HOST of things wrong with that fucking book! Beside the obvious (existence of god), there are so many punishments which are just ludicrous. But of course this women just shows us the parts that talk about god's love, and how awesome it is. There was the usual tomfoolery of "place your burdens on god," "god's love never wavers," "unconditional love," "he sent his only son," blah blah blah. Haven't we heard all that shit before? How does it make an impact anymore? I guess if you're already brainwashed then it just reaffirms your delusions and you feel better knowing that other people are is hypnotized as you are. This leads to criticizing a lot of christians for being insecure, which is pretty common, I think.

So my general grade for the whole thing was F. Not because I didn't really believe in any of it, but it was so fucking stupid! The songs, jokes, dancing, singing, and generally trying to have a good time was a huge waste of time when the main message was "find jesus" blah blah. If you can't see through all the confetti and bright colors to the fact that they want to CONVERT you, then you are superficially enjoying this stuff too much. Maybe they're not so harsh about it, but the idea is still there of heaven and hell. If you don't love god and he loves you (plus some other stuff) - you're going to hell. Whoaaa...scary!! Yeah right.

After the speaker got done they played some more songs but I got the fuck out of there. Creepy shit. One thing though, about her "love" definitions. I want to know what sources she found for "agape" (greek for love?"). It's actually an ENGLISH word now, meaning god's love (http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=agape). But when you look up the roots of the english word LOVE, you get linked to pleasure and libido, from latin (http://www.bartleby.com/61/roots/IE281.html). Even if our word love originates from christian/greek origins, I think that the only love in this world is the one coming from humans. But that's just my opinion, like all this stuff, haha.

Sorry this is long as hell! I'll lj-cut it, actually. Let me know if you something I said doesn't make sense, I typed this in a hurry.
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Date:February 12th, 2005 10:12 am (UTC)
As someone who attended last week's CRU, I would have to disagree with you about the lack of validity of the singing/songs. They sing songs at CRU to worship to their God, to become closer to Him. And I don't know what the point of attending CRU would be if it wasn't any fun at all. Personally, I thought Bubbles winning the karyoke (sp?) contest was a freaking riot. Many reacted to the contest with "side splitting" laughter because of the people chosen to be in the contest, some of whom are quite famous for their senses of humor.

However, you raise a very interesting point about "agape love". This is a common teaching in Christianity..."Agape love" is typically known as unconditional love, as God would show his people. Your research disputes that, and that is really intriguing.
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Date:February 13th, 2005 05:55 am (UTC)
hey, whatever you're into. I'm just not into music like that, or god.
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